Is Organic Food Better

Organic Food

Why is Organic Food Better Our first hippie lessons on the importance of organic food were in front of a camp fire on the Mira River. I can remember mum talking about how fresh, organic produce tasted better than "those darned GMO, pesticide laced vegetables we could buy at Sobies. When my brother had his first kid, they had troubles with breastfeeding and had to switch to formula. They had a hell of a time finding a suitable formula for my niece. If any of you are having this issue, the folks at Natural Baby have a great guide on [Read more...]

Family Holidays

Louisbourg For the Family Holidays Our family holidays would happen the first week of August. While my friends would typically take off south in either December or March for some beach time, we would pack up our car in the middle of summer and head to Cape Breton. It would remind an outsider of the trips the Griswald's would take. My parents thinking was that we should enjoy the beauty of what we had rather than sit at an all inclusive beach, eating mediocre food. They were probably right! We would drive up the coast, passing through all [Read more...]

Family Game Night

Family Game Night Water Fight

Family Game Night At The G House Nothing was more fun growing up than family game night at the G house. It usually happened once a month and family from across Nova Scotia would attend. Once a year family from B.C. would visit and family game night would be extended. G-cathlon This wasn't your average family game night. There was no Parcheesi, no Monopoly. We didn't play Charades or cards.We would host a decathlon. Or as Uncle Bert like to call it, a "G"- cathlon. Football Pong Dizzy Disk Noodle Javelin Kid Dunk Life Size [Read more...]

Growing Up G

Growing Up G Lighthouse

Thankful For Growing Up G I have to admit, growing up G has been a blast. The Greggory clan is a close knit family. Mum and Dad were kids at heart. They taught us about responsibility, and compassion. They also taught us about fun and enjoyment. As long as chores and homework got completed, we were free to explore all that life had to offer. Our family goals were simple. Work hard, play hard. I was in a kayak before I learned to walk. Growing up G gave us a curiosity for Mother Nature and a love for the wild. Hiking, kayaking, camping, [Read more...]