Is Organic Food Better

Why is Organic Food Better

Our first hippie lessons on the importance of organic food were in front of a camp fire on the Mira River. I can remember mum talking about how fresh, organic produce tasted better than “those darned GMO, pesticide laced vegetables we could buy at Sobies. When my brother had his first kid, they had troubles with breastfeeding and had to switch to formula. They had a hell of a time finding a suitable formula for my niece. If any of you are having this issue, the folks at Natural Baby have a great guide on formula.


I wonder how those executives over at Monsato can go home every night and tell their children that everything they work for is in the best interest of mankind and how their kids should be proud of the work they do. For those who don’t know who Monsato is. They are the billion dollar machine that not only creates the GMO’s that have become part of our daily diet, but they have also sued  farmers who happened to have fields down wind from where Monsato’s products are used. They have also sold Agent Orange, DDT and Aspartame. Yummy….

Other Poisons

Organic Food - Pesticide

There isn’t much that needs to be said about pesticides and herbicides. Take a drive to the country and look at the tractors spraying fields with poison. This is the cheapest way to keep keep weeds from growing in farm fields and critters from eating the crops. This work hand in hand with Monsato’s GMO’s. Monsato makes a seed that is resistant to a poison like Roundup. Then when a farmer sprays their field with Roundup,  everything dies except for the crop. I wonder if you have ever looked at the instructions for using Roundup? Did you know that you can’t just go to the local garden store and buy some handy Roundup for your backyard? It’s under lock and key. But hey, farmers can spray it on the food we eat, no problem.

A Healthier Organic Produce

So is organic food better? I dunno. Logical thinking tells me that mutating a cell with a poison gene, then growing this now mutilated cell into food for humans is a bad thing. Logic also tells me that eating vegetables laced with poison designed to kill bugs and varmint is not good. Unfortunately, it seems that there is too much money involved in modern farming for politicians in North America to tell these monsters of agriculture to bugger off. I mean, who cares who gets poisoned, as long as people are getting rich.

Mums Garden

It may be in my head, but I do believe that a tomato, grown organically in mums backyard garden, tastes sweeter than the poisoned tomato. This could be mums voice in my head preaching her hippie ways, or it just may be the thinking of the new world. I dream of a day when conventional farming is organic farming, A day when my children grow up not knowing what a GMO seed is. A day when all tomatoes taste like the ones mum grows in the back yard.




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