Family Game Night

Family Game Night AtĀ The G House

Nothing was more fun growing up than family game night at the G house. It usually happened once a month and family from across Nova Scotia would attend. Once a year family from B.C. would visit and family game night would be extended.


This wasn’t your average family game night. There was no Parcheesi, no Monopoly. We didn’t play Charades or cards.We would host a decathlon. Or as Uncle Bert like to call it, a “G”- cathlon.

  • Football Pong
  • Dizzy Disk
  • Noodle Javelin
  • Kid Dunk
  • Life Size Jenga

Football Pong

Have you ever played beer pong? This is the same game, only bigger and better. Instead of beer cups, we use 50 gallontrash cans. Instead of a ping pong ball, we use a football. The rest is the same. The adults would drink when called upon. The kids would do push ups or sit ups.

Dizzy Disk

Getting Dizzy

Everyone loves this game except for the person playing it. You sit on a spinning chair holdingĀ ten Frisbees. Two volunteers would spin the chair as fast as they could, until you are nice and dizzy. You then stand up, locate the large target drape that Mum had made up and try to fling the Frisbees at the targets. Scoring up to 50 points, if you happened to be able to hit anything. Most of the time it was grown adults falling on their face. I am happy to report zero concussions to date.

Noodle Javelin

Mostly for the kids. This is pretty much what it sounds like. We would hang a couple of hoola hoops from one of the big trees. And you would throw water noodles like they were javelins, trying to hit the hoops.

Kid Dunk

Kid Dunk

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Mostly for the adults. Kids would sit on a chair with their back to a large tree. Dad had rigged up a hinged shelf that had a 5 gallon bucked glued to it. This hinged shelf was rigged to a target, and when the target was hit the shelf would drop, soaking the kid below. Most of the grown ups would be content playing this game all night long.

Life Size Jenga

This would be the last game of the night, and would usually go on for a couple of hours. Dad had cut Jenga pieces from 2 x 4’s. He sanded them and painted them in psychedelic colours. Regular Jenga rules would apply. The uncles would normally make side bets during the course of the game.

After The Game Ceremonies

Mum would keep score throughout the evening. There would be a junior and senior champion that would get to proudly keep a small idol until the next Greggory family game night.

Whether it was hockey, hiking or family game night, my parents always wanted us to know that we should enjoy life to the fullest.


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