Growing Up G

Thankful For Growing Up G

I have to admit, growing up G has been a blast. The Greggory clan is a close knit family.

Mum and Dad were kids at heart. They taught us about responsibility, and compassion. They also taught us about fun and enjoyment. As long as chores and homework got completed, we were free to explore all that life had to offer. Our family goals were simple. Work hard, play hard.

I was in a kayak before I learned to walk. Growing up G gave us a curiosity for Mother Nature and a love for the wild. Hiking, kayaking, camping, snowshoeing, these are just some of the weekend activities that filled my child hood.

Cape Breton

I am lucky to have grown up such a short distance from the Cabot Trail. It is truly a magical place that too many Nova Scotian’s take for granted. Some days I feel like I wanted to pack up a tent and some change of cloths and head deep into the interior of Cape Breton. Like that guy did in Into The Wild. No matter where I am in the world, a little piece of me will always be there. I have a love and respect for the outdoors that has been installed in me by my parents.

The G Family Kayak Trips

If you have never had the opportunity to ocean kayak around Nova Scotia, I advise you to book your trip today. Check this out for a few of the best spots to kayak. Sea kayaking is a different beast from white water kayaking. White water is all about the adrenaline rush. It is 30 seconds of intensity. Sea kayaking is about beauty. It is about becoming one with your surroundings. It is like a warm blanket on a cold November day.

Hiking with the G’s

Cape Breton Hiking

Both the Bay of Fundy and the Cabot Trail offer some of the best hiking trails in eastern Canada. Whether you hike the Skyline Trail, the Acadian Trail or the Anapolis Valley trail, you are in for some Magic. My Grandmother tells me that Cape Breton reminds her so much of Scotland. The beauty can not be duplicated anywhere else in the world she says. Even in winter hiking is enjoyable. Strap on some snow shoes, grab a couple of poles and off you go.

I am thankful my parents instilled these values in me. Some day I hope to do the same for my kids.



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