Sleeping Sickness

Sleep has always been my friendemy. Like many of you, I fight going to sleep at night. There is too much to do, or too much to learn. Sometimes it’s because a Magnum PI marathon is on the tube. When the damn alarms sounds in the morning though, the little snooze button gets pressed multiple times. I’ve read far to many theories on this, most of them relating to sleep disorders.

I have my own theory.

This is not a Michael Greggory disorder. This is a society disorder. 30 years ago we all weren’t walking around with a personal assistant strapped to our belts. We weren’t able to stair at an infinite amount of information when we were laying in bed. My boss could arbitrarily decide to interrupt my night, just because she feels like getting some work done. A work day consisted of typically a 9-5 day. 8 hours! Then it was time to head home, throw in a TV dinner and turn on Tom Selleck.

Now we are at our employers beck and call. When ever they feel the need to ask us a question they can. And they expect to be answered promptly. And when they are not intruding, we are learning new skills required to move on to something better and be able to tell that boss to shove it.

I don’t know what the solution is for the masses. For me, it is going to be about quitting the rat race. Living an organic lifestyle off the land and putting flowers in my hair.

Or maybe I have just had too much coffee.